hello and welcome!

i am krista and this is my blog where i share bits and pieces of my thoughts, opinions, and adventures. i love animals, being outdoors, family and friends, good food, and all the simple joys in life. i care about our planet and hope that you do too!

i am nineteen years old and spend most of my time either focusing on my studies or sleeping. in my free time i enjoy board game cafes, live music, being active and reading. i spend a lot of time outdoors participating in activities like hiking, kayaking, plant identification, mushroom hunting, and tree planting.

here i am posing with a pizza at a vegan pizza party organized by the KW Vegan Society. 03/04/2017.

i try to live a minimalist and environmentally conscious life. currently, i am transitioning to eating a vegan plant-based diet and try to live a zero-waste or low-impact life.

life is a journey, and i would like to share mine.
thank you for being here.

please note that all images on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.